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Really annoying song banned at basketball games for being really annoying

A viral internet song has been banned at all Chinese Basketball games after it has allegedly been used to put off the opposition.

The wacky Chinese folk song has taken the Chinternet (I just came up with that) by storm. Netizens have been doing spoof versions, guitar covers and piano versions of the catchy (?) hit.

Here is the original song –

It is pretty annoying.

Check out the wonderful Ministry of Tofu for comedy covers of the song…

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李娜加油! Go Li Na!

We would like show our support for Li Na, who has become the first Chinese tennis player to reach a Grand Slam singles final.

Determination! Li will need this to overcome Kim Clijsters in Melbourne

28 year old 李娜 from Wuhan, Hubei Province, should not be confused with 李娜 the 200o Olympics diving Gold Medal winner, 李娜 the 2006 World Champion épée fencer or 李娜 the 2002 World keirin cycling champion.

She should also definately not be confused with 李納, the former Prince of Longxi and General of the Tang Dynasty, or 李讷 the daughter of Mao Zedong with his fourth wife and writer of bad operas Jiang Qing.

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