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Lang Lang helps soothe Camden’s sorrow

Nobody was saying it, but it still felt like a big piece of Camden was missing this warm July evening.  Could Lang from Shenyang, the only classical performer at this year’s iTunes Festival at the Roundhouse, be the one to bring some solace?

First onstage were rad Croatian duo 2 Cellos.  Pop-Classical crossovers necessarily involve pained expressions and excessive swaying, and both reached their terrifying pinnacle during a yearning rendition of With or Without You, the worst song ever penned.  By the time they reached Highway to Hell I was seriously considering trying to eat my own head, but looking around I realised that I was in the minority; 2 Cellos had the crowd eating out of the palms of their hands.


Then from behind far too much dry ice came the young maestro proclaiming “We will do a Liszt together!”  As his fingers danced over the soapy-white chunklets and their slimmer ebony brothers it was as if a spell had been cast over the room.  Anyone who has visited the Liaoning capital will know that the most pressing question is how to get away, and for Lang Lang the vehicle was a grand piano.  And as the first bleary eyed teenage fans, apparently overcome by the depth of emotion, began stumbling clumsily from the auditorium at around the song three mark, the sound of discarded plastic beer cups being crunched underfoot mixing with the elegant arrangements of Chopin and Schuman, I for one was glad he found that vehicle.

The 2011 iTunes Festival continues with Magnetic Man on 26 July at the Roundhouse

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El Avispon Verde!

Ok. One of the great things about having a blog is that you can use it to review movies, music culture whatever. I am going to do a review of Green Hornet based on its trailer as I think I will save my money by not watching it.

I was really looking forward to this film as it has some good talent involved. Directed by Michel Gondry, starring Seth Rogen and co-starring the Justin timberlake of China – Jay Chou.

However, from what I can gather it looks like an attempt to fit too many squares in triangle shaped spaces. Seth Rogen plays stoners quite well, Michel Gondry does quirky sentimental DIY movies and Jay Chou can sing and dance in Chinese. The idea of putting the three of them together to make a superhero movie seems rather odd.

Green Hornet was never a particularly successful or interesting character. The 1960s TV show was famous for launching the career of Bruce Lee who played the Hornet’s sidekick ‘Kato’.The recent trend to ‘revamp’ old superheroes has found its way to reviving the Green Hornet. The project has been through a succession of actors who have pulled out – Kevin Smith, George Clooney, and Jake Gyllenhaal and also Kungfu hustle actor Stephen Chao. Stephen Chao is a natural martial artist and great comic actor and probably would have been perfect for the role. Jay Chou on the other hand can sing and dance and probably sell more movie tickets in China.

Anyway I haven’t seen the film and my advice is don’t go and watch it.

Spanish Hornet

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