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Proof that pandas are massive lads.

I am not trying to make this a Panda related website. However, I am noticing a trend in the things that I post. (if you haven’t seen “say never say no to panda” see below) However, this video is too good to miss really. Most people think of pandas as cute furry docile creatures. This video proves that that is all a load of baloney. Pandas are massive LADS. Fact. Enjoy.


Ps some non panda posts will come shortly.


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Sleeping like a panda

After having slept like a panda for over 12 hours. I was impressd by my ability so I thought I would make a small comparison.

In fact, although pandas sleep for 10-12 hours a day. They actually nap more often than sleep. Furthermore you can tell how long a panda has been sleeping at a spot as they defecate whilst sleeping. Fortunately, I do not share this habit and have woken up once again with clean sheets.

I have no idea where the above picture came from, or who on earth made it, but it does remind me of a story from Chengdu a few years ago –

after a panda that had been released to nature died shortly after,  the Woolong Nature Reserve said they were going to teach pandas to fight by making them watch attack dogs in action. Only in China.


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