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One Tiger Eight Breasts

the image now known as “一虎八奶图” one tiger, eight breasts (I can only spot 4)

According to an article in the Guardian : Ai Weiwei is now being charged with spreading ‘pornographic’ images all over the web. Ai invited some 网友 (net friends) over to his studio, shot some nudies and put them up on the web and then forgot he had done so.  The Chinese government view Ai as a tax evading dissident who is supported and praised by those in the west. The government are often cracking down on online pornography (they arrested 5,394 for disseminating online porn in 2009)

Ai told associated press: “If they see nudity as pornography, then China is still in the Qing dynasty,”

In a similar story the French government have removed works of Henri Matisse from gift shops all over Paris and put his grandson under house arrest.

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How to imitate the “Four Wangs”

I just went to see Xu Bing‘s (徐冰) excellent installation at the British Museum.

Xu Bing is a contemporary Chinese artist and has been described as a member of the Chinese avant garde movement. The installation in the British Museum is an innovative “shadow painting” copy of a Wang Shimin 王時敏 piece from 1641.


Wang was one of the “four Wangs”, who make up four of the Six Masters of the early Qing period (清六家) : Yun Shouping, Wu Li and the Four Wangs: Wang Shimin, Wang Jian, Wang Yuanqi and Wang Hui.

In the installation Xu Bing uses discarded leaves (from Kew Gardens), old newspapers and twigs to create a shadow image of a classic Chinese landscape (山水).

Xu Bing is famous for much of his work playing with language, including a book with over 4000 different characters which are entirely original and of his own making.

He has also invented ‘New English Calligraphy’ in which he makes English look like Chinese:

Here he has written the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill: look carefully and you can read it!

Jack and Jill
Went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water
Jack fell down
And broke his crown
And Jill came tumbling after


The installation is on at the British Museum until July 10th

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