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Name Game

Brushduck is calling on its legions to contribute to Visit Britain’s “GREAT names” campaign, which encourages Chinese visitors to come up with Chinese names for top GB landmarks!

Inspiring vid with top production released earlier this month below:

Some of the imaginative names already established for GB landmarks include:
London Eye – Lun Dun Yan 伦敦眼
Big Ben – Da Ben Zhong 大本钟

But we think you can do better than that!

A couple to get you started:
Broadway Market – Chao Ren Shi Chang 潮人市场
Bonar Bridge – Bo Qi Qiao 勃起桥
The Emirates Stadium – Zhi Chang Ti Yu Guan 直肠体育馆

Make sure to copy your suggestions below please..!

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Meaty mushroom goes stratospheric

Since the breaking news appeared on Brushduck Xi’an Up Close that a mystery mushroom had been discovered in Xi’an, it seems that the fungus has become the must have commodity on account of its amazing medicinal properties.

Rare specimens have been illicitly traded on the streets:

And recipes to bring out the best of the elusive mycetoza’s special qualities have appeared online:

Predicting a 21st century gold rush I’m off to Shaanxi province to see if I can’t grab a few.  These will be available for £199.99/kg on return, cheques to Brushduck.

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Mean streets of Xi’an


  •  less crowded than the bus, can catch up with a friend, can grab some chuanr


  • this might happen:

Once my friend fell down a  road work hole on a Chinese university campus – only to be told by a passer-by “You’re not allowed to stand in that hole.”

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Chinese soldiers pass live grenade in training exercise

The People’s Liberation Army play ‘pass the parcel’ with a live grenade.

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Changsha Gaga

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CCP celebrates 90 years

The Associated Press call in their most irritating reporter

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What do you get if you cross an Australian with the Dalai Lama?

If you are going to try your new gag material out on someone, why not try it on the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism?

One plucky Australian journalist thought he would try his joke out on live TV on his Holiness the Dalai Lama.

You have to give him some credit for giving it a go. Apparently his network have canceled his upcoming interviews with the Pope, an Irishman and the Virgin Mary.

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Andy Gray like sexism uncovered in Chinese folk music

This week the English media circus has had a field day over the sexist remarks and behaviour of Sky Sports’ anchormen Andy Gray and Richard Keys. Although their off air remarks are ‘pre-historic’ (Rio Ferdinand) it is not particularly surprising and it seems to state a fact that most people would have thought was obvious.

At Brushduck we will be breaking another shocking story. No, it is not about the religious persuasion of the current Pontiff, nor is it concerning the defecation habits of bears in coniferous outgrowths.We have uncovered more sexism. This time in Chinese folk music.

The song in question is one of my personal favourites.


or ‘Girl from the the city of Daban’

please watch the priceless video below:

At further examination we can get to the bottom of the ‘sexism’ that pervades this folk yarn.

Daban City’s stone streets – hard and flat, ha!
Watermelons big and sweet! (Is this a sexist metaphor? … I think so)
A girl who lives there has long braided hair, ha!
And a pair of beautiful eyes!

If you think of marrying, don’t marry another,
You must marry only me.
Bring a lot of money
And your younger sister, riding in the horse cart too!

(here we have the assumption of the male protagonist that her younger sister will also be ‘up for it’. In later versions such as the one in the video – this is softened to ‘bring your dowry’)

‘Girl from the city of Daban’ is essentially a song wooing a young virginal girl from Xinjiang. When I have asked Han Chinese about the song they will tell you it is a classic Uighur song. However, when I travelled around Xinjiang singing the song in mandarin expecting a rapturous response from my Uighur brothers I was met with fierce glares. In retrospect I can see why singing a song about taking away their young women (especially one sung in Chinese) might come across the wrong way. It would be a bit like an American singing about how hot Iraqi virgins are…

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Year of the rabbit – looks frightening




(This really is a significant year)

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