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Where to go in China town (part II) – ‘mouth tingling’ chicken

Red n Hot at 59 Charing cross road.

At £18 a head (no booze) we had a veritable feast.

Red n Hot is a chain restaurant that has hit the Chinatowns of London, Birmingham and Manchester and represents part of a growing trend towards Sichuanese food in the UK. Although it is not as good as Bar Shan/Bar Shu round the corner, it is a bit cheaper! We went for some classic Sichuanese dishes:

fish fragrant aubergines 鱼香茄条

cumin flavoured lamb 孜然羊肉

gongbao prawns 宫保虾球

dumplings in chilli oil  红油水饺

and my personal favourite – sichuan ‘mouth tingling’ chicken 四川口水鸡

Red n Hot was full of people eating hot pot – which is reasonably priced at £20 a head. I took the challenge of trying to beat that price by ordering a la carte. Red Hot is slightly off the main Chinatown beat (Gerrard St) but it represents a good value and serves up some authentic Sichuanese dishes so is well worth it!

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Where to go in Chinatown? (part one)

I love Chinatown. It is probably my favourite part of London, but everytime I am there I find it hard to decide where to go. So I thought I would make a multi-part guide to a few places I like in Chinatown.

PART ONE – Jen Cafe

This place is perfect for a quick meeting for some milkbubble tea (banana flavour is the best), a crispy pork and rice dish, or a dumpling soup.  Alternatively you can watch them make the dumplings in front of you. roughly £6 a head.

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My Old Place

A great place to go for authentic Sichuanese food in the heart of the city of London.

If you are feeling adventurous and want to try jellyfish and garlic or some spicy rabbit, or you just want some real Sichuanese food, this place is a must. Chinese food is best enjoyed by the masses so go in a big group and share everything. We had a feast of a meal for 10 people.

Some of my top dishes  were

鱼香茄子 fish flavoured aubergines

a couple of 羊肉串儿 lamb kebabs each

cumin chicken

干煸四季豆 4 seasons beans

The Mapo dofu was a bit salty, the wine tastes like apple cider and the staff are not particularly attentive, however the food is great and a bargain at £15 a head.


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