How much do you love the president of China?

Chinese President Xi Jinping would make the ideal husband. He is caring – both for his wife and the nation; he is rich, with an estimated family wealth of £188 million (impressive on his ministerial salary of about £8,000 per annum); he has a good sense of humour – one of his recent speeches in his US visit reportedly included a “joke” referencing the Netflix series House of Cards; and he is cute (see video below).

While the British media spends its time snouting around its leaders’ penchant for pork scratchings, here is a disturbingly excellent video reminding us that not all leaders are bad folk:

Further hagiographic videos include the viral hit single charting the love Xi Jinping has for his wife. ‘Xi dada loves Peng mama’

At brushduck we would love to hear from you:

  • How can you be more like Xi Jinping?
  • Why doesn’t your daddy love you like Xi loves you?
  • Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like Xi?

Note: Xi is pronounced “shee”

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